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Fashion Digital Agency

We help Fashion e-Commerce Businesses grow their Online Sales and achieve higher ROI
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Marketing That Gets Results

We are specialized in fashion & sportswear and will help you to define a digital strategy, implement it and run the business. We promote fashion e-commerce websites, and run digital marketing campaigns for fast-growing fashion brands and marketplaces.

We'll help you boost your online presence with higher search rankings and more buyers to your site having experience with all business models, both B2C and B2B relationships.

We know that fashion is like no other industry. Collections typically last for 6-10 weeks before getting discounted and give shelf space to new seasonal products. There are unique challenges such as time-to-market, complete size-run availability, high return rates and positioning the garments in the ranking in order to maximize the ROI which are very different to longer life-cycle product industries. Our expertise will help you to exploit the full potential and profit of each collection.

We turn routine digital media buy optimizations into your strategic advantage with our unique blend of people + technology. Using proprietary tech, strategies, processes, and unique partnerships, we give our clients more than BAK (Bids, Ads, and Keywords). We build your Paid Search accounts from the ground up, making us fully accountable.

Who We Are

We're a Ukraine-based agency with a global client base. Our team consists of creative strategists and digital specialists with decades-honed expertise in advertising and e-commerce.

Our detailed data analysis and unique insights enable us to create ads that connect, and digital strategies that drive results.
Dmitrii Piskarev
CEO Netpeak

Trusted By

Aleksey Sapunkov | CIO "Intertop"
Valentin Nikolaev | Marketing Director "Natali Bolgar"
Artem Levada | Head of the Online Direction "Megasport"

Generate More Leads With Fashion Digital Marketing Services

While we offer a full suite of digital strategies, our competitor mindset remains consistent through them all. We challenge ourselves, our industry, and our clients every day to produce the best results possible.
  • Social Media Marketing

    Consumers might not purchase real estate through social media platforms, but they still use social media to search for properties and find the right real estate agency to help them.
  • Google Ads

    A certified expert in Google search PPC advertising, Netpeak uses the deepest possible keyword research alongside smart optimisation to drive performance.
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads

    Netpeak is a Facebook Agency Partner, combining the best creative formats with the latest strategies to deliver leads at a cost that no other agency can match.
  • YouTube Video

    High impact pre-roll & video display adverts are shown to purchase-ready hot prospects. This is a winning recipe that performs consistently at scale for ambitious clients.
  • SEM For New Home Leads

    To grow your market share, a truly great paid advertising campaign is essential. We can boost your business with creative and powerful PPC, video and other content, programmatic tools, and much more.
  • Rank on Top Search Results Through SEO

    With the help of our SEO experts, you can drive more traffic to your site through organic rankings. Don’t pay for every click or traffic! Instead, earn your position organically by ranking high on search results.

Total organic traffic increased by 187% in October and 197% in November

ROMI of 1070% achieved the payback period of 6 months

While we offer a full suite of digital strategies, our competitor mindset remains consistent through them all. We constantly challenge ourselves, our industry, and our clients to produce the best results possible.

Awards & Recognition

Corporate Responsibility

$598 138

Netpeak’s donation in support of Ukraine

345 750 717

audience coverage of online ads with the truth about the war in Ukraine

$45 500

transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

$362 638

promoted media advertisements with information resisting against Russian propaganda

$100 000

spent towards humanitarian aid

700 000

units of medicine, food supplies, military ammunition


employees joined the information troops

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